2018 is :: clean the TRASH OUT year !! SHUT DOWN TFMCS

2018 is ::  clean the TRASH OUT year !!
we need to make ham radio great again.    remove :: disparaging

Video and Audio :      from  VA3HBO repeater as claimed Frequency coordinated by WNYSORC

Paul Edward Briscoe VE3KU VE3GPB cloning CCS7 identification VE3EYI Peter Gearing Dale 3

- VE3HJL HENRY -  TFMCS (Toronto ham club) acting President (whatever they call him)

- VE3EYI  aka Peter Gearing Dale CCS7 used by --- Paul Edward Briscoe VE3KU VE3GPB talking about "falsifying identity" DMR CCS7 id   -  TFMCS (Toronto ham club) repair guy

- VA3WJO WALTER  -  "said starry eyed - wooo cool joke" -  your hero's action of "falsifying identity" has impacted many in Toronto with the shut down of repeater(s) - to educate you

The video shows the identification of the ham operators, VE3KU is buying the used DMR radio from VE3EYI as he talks about ham radio abuses of "falsifying identity" with CCS7 number

Is this the trash to expect from a ham club leader and the TFMCS -  VE3TWR 444.400 repeater :: Paul Edward Briscoe VE3KU VE3GPB maybe 60?? years old and actions are like some giddy school girl child and happy to have a few 20 year old boy listening to him

The city of Toronto Ontario Canada repeaters are shut down because of "falsifying identity" and what is claimed within the above link and video.  This action of "falsifying identity" has impacted many.  This is Not a joke Mr. 60 year old man.

Lets clean the TRASH OUT !!

Send him to Alaska if they'll take him.  On the repeater he likes to hear himself talk and give advice, being from CBC repairs


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